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The North's Freshest Voice Over Artist

Hi, I’m Abigail,                     

a versatile voiceover artist, mummy to Willow and appalling speaker of Japanese.


 I have more than 13 years of acting experience in TV and Commercials and can't wait to bring my enthusiasm, creativity and playfulness to your project.

Abigail | Northern British Female Voice Artist
Abigail | Northern British Female Voice Over Artist Headshot

I was born and raised in a Northern pit town called Wigan, (which is great if you love pies)  and I have always loved to play; it’s the reason I became an actor. So it was the only career I ever really considered; apart from when I found out you could do a degree in the Paranormal psychology; I dreamed of being the next Derek Acora for a month. I began acting professionally in 2011 and had the usual successes of a jobbing actor, reaching the dizzy heights of a one episode appearance on Coronation Street (twice!) and a couple of lovely commercials. 

When I had my daughter in 2022, my priorities shifted. I wanted to stay closer to home but still craved a creative outlet, one that I could bring my past experience to and one that I could channel my playfulness and determination into. I realised that establishing myself as a voice over artist would give me exactly that.

My background as a professional actor has given me the best start for this exciting new chapter in my life. I am able to bring playfulness, flexibility and great communication skills to each project. And on top of that my performance skills are exceptional and I am capable of  delivering a huge range of dynamics, characters and emotions. I can bring you a warm and authentic voice with bags of northern soul, a natural and relatable young mum or bring life to any animation or game character.

When working on your project I can guarantee that it will be recorded enthusiastically using my wealth of creative experience and delivered to you promptly. I love taking your material and shaping it into something extraordinary – giving you exactly what you envisioned and perhaps even a sprinkle of the unexpected.

Google tells me this is where I should tell you about all my recent awards and accolades, so while I’ve none of those just yet, I thought I’d tell you that I did once win an award for customer service (yes, that’s a thing) and although you can take from that what you like, I thought it would be a great way to show you the kind of person you are dealing with. Someone who is dependable, adaptable and would always go above and beyond for her clients. I also won the school award for “progress in maths”, if that helps. 


I am available for work on TV, Online and Radio Commercials, Animation and Gaming, Corporate Narration, Explainer and E - Learning, TV Promos, Narration and Continuity, Radio Dramas and Podcasts.

Please get in touch, I’d love to have a chat about your project and let you know what I would bring to your project!

Experienced Voice Artist


Red Door Management

+44(0)161 850 9989



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